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NAD+ levels increased by 50%, and the new ingredient trigonelline has an anti-aging effect comparable to NMN?-Part One


NAD+ levels increased by 50%, and the new ingredient trigonelline has an anti-aging effect comparable to NMN?-Part One


On March 19, researchers from the Nestlé Research Institute and the National University of Singapore Medical School published an article in Nature Metabolism, a Nature journal, revealing that trigonelline, as a precursor of NAD+, has the potential to help improve the aging process, enhance muscle strength and treat sarcopenia.

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Trigonelline may sound relatively unfamiliar, but it is not only one of the sources of the bitterness of coffee, but also a precursor of many aromatic compounds. Now it is also a potential new raw material for the development of anti-aging functional foods.    

一、Is there a new option for the “magic drug for immortality” NMN?

The topic of aging always involves a key molecule - NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This important intracellular coenzyme plays a core role in regulating energy metabolism and redox reactions, and has the reputation of "youth factor" and "time bank for the rich".

Among the many NAD+ precursors, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), NR (nicotinamide riboside), NA (nicotinic acid), Trp (tryptophan) and Nam (nicotinamide) are hot topics of research. NMN, in particular, has attracted much attention for its anti-aging potential and is known as the "magic drug for immortality". In countries such as Canada and Japan, NMN has been allowed to be used legally. In China, NMN has not yet obtained permission for new food raw materials, food additives, health foods and medicines, but in 2023, NMN will be registered at the cosmetic raw materials department.     

The latest research reveals that trigonelline is also a NAD+ precursor molecule. Compared with NMN, trigonelline can increase NAD+ levels by about 50%, and NMN can increase NAD+ levels by about two times. However, trigonelline can still maintain a high concentration in the serum after 72 hours of supplementation, while NMN disappears quickly after conversion to NAM. This discovery provides a new alternative to NMN, the "immortal drug" in the anti-aging field.

In addition, the study found that trigonelline is metabolized through the Preiss-Handler pathway that depends on nicotinic acid phosphoribosyltransferase (NAPRT), rather than activating the GPR109A receptor, which may make it better tolerated and have fewer side effects.

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