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Popular Science-Key Extraction Processes of Plant Extracts


Popular Science-Key Extraction Processes of Plant Extracts

2024-07-06 11:40:17

Plant Extracts 

Plant extracts refer to products that use plants as raw materials and, according to the needs of the final product, go through an extraction and separation process to obtain or concentrate one or more components in the plants, generally without changing the original components of the plants. As needed, excipients can be added to make powder or granular products with good fluidity and moisture resistance, but there are also a small amount of liquid or oily products.


While plant extracts come in many forms, they all share one characteristic: Extracts represent naturally occurring phytochemicals (compounds produced by plants) that have been removed from the inert structures of the plants that produced them. The main advantage of using extracts rather than plants is that once extracted from the plant matrix, the phytochemicals do not need to be digested and are more easily absorbed.

Plant extract Application Areas


Pharmaceutical industry:
Plant extracts can be used to treat various diseases
Food field:
Plant extracts are used to increase nutritional value and improve taste
Cosmetics field:
Plant extracts are used to improve skin problems and nourish the skin

Complete Extraction Device 
There are many extraction methods for plant extracts, including solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction and supercritical fluid extraction. Each of these methods has its own characteristics, and the appropriate extraction method can be selected based on the characteristics and needs of the extract.



New centrifugal supergravity extraction machine
The new centrifugal supergravity extraction machine is a national standard equipment with high separation factor and strong stability built by Zhongke Xinneng based on intelligent automation technology and new material application. For strong acid, strong alkali, and strong corrosive situations, new materials are adapted to achieve multi-stage intelligent thousand-fold super-gravity high distribution coefficient extraction. The phase equilibrium is short, and it can achieve more than 300 stages of series/cross-flow extraction and washing, and is suitable for deep extraction.
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