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Popular Science on Ingredients丨How much do you know about white willow bark extract, the plant version of salicin ?


Popular Science on Ingredients丨How much do you know about white willow bark extract, the plant version of salicin ?


Summer is coming, and sebaceous glands secrete tons of oil, which brings with it problems such as enlarged pores and blackheads.

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Today Healthway will introduce to you a magical anti-acne ingredient - white willow bark extract. It can gently remove excess oil and old cuticles, reduce pore clogging, and is gentler than salicylic acid. It can be used even with broken acne.

White Willow Bark Extract

White willow bark extract, also known as natural aspirin, is known as the plant version of salicylic acid, which is gentler. The main active ingredient is salicin. Salicin is an inhibitor of oxidase (NADH oxidase). It has anti-wrinkle and anti -aging effects and can increase skin gloss and elasticity. Salicin can become salicylic acid after being metabolized by the human body. Because it contains plant flavonoids, it is gentler than salicylic acid when it acts directly on the skin.

White Willow Bark Extract functions

01 Anti-aging

Salicin not only affects the regulation of genes in the skin, but also regulates gene groups associated with the biological process of skin aging, which are referred to as functional "young gene groups."In addition, salicin plays an important role in the production and maintenance of collagen, one of the key proteins in the skin, so it can increase skin elasticity and achieve anti-wrinkle effects.

02 Exfoliation

White willow bark extract is divided into raw materials from the phloast of white willow branch, a plant of the salicylic family. Its main component is salicylate, which is known as natural salicylic acid. It can gently and non-irritating remove skin cutin, regulate skin activity, and make skin smooth, tender, energetic and mild.

03 Acne treatment

Salicylic acid acts on the wall cells of the hair follicle, can help clear blocked hair follicles, correct abnormal cell shedding, prevent pore blocking for acne, and the most effective for blackhead acne, it can reduce the abnormal shedding of the hair follicle wall and prevent the production of acne.

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